Trolling is becoming a Serious Issue.

Hi guys I am about to lose my fcking mind!!!! The last 4 games I have played Have been an absolute Joke. I am on the edge of leaving League for good because of trolling. On top of that my last game all my teammates were lower than lvl 80 and the team I was put up against were all above lvl 100 some were on 150 plus minus between the opposing team all around that range. How am I supposed to play solo duo when every game I play there's players who are taking mid and Jungling in Ranked games or even better just deciding to move to another lane and leave their own lane. The game has Mechanics. This is how the whole team operates together to win. Now when League is matching me up to impossible games What does one do? As much as I would love to solo an entire team. It's just not realistic when the opposing team is 3 or 4 levels ahead of you because they have 5 kills at 15 minutes. Trolling is seriously becoming a major issue in league of legends. I am a paying gamer. I have bought riot points on multiple occasions. But i am considering leaving league completely because of trolling. All I want is a team that will play the game in the position they have selected that doesn't die a hundred times before the game even get's rolling. I am not a star player for sure. No doubt. But I play my position and I support my team and I try improving my game all the time. I don't enjoy League anymore purely because of trolling. Is anything been put in place to sort this issue out?
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