I played a game yesterday

Where we started getting steamrolled by 15 minutes, the enemy team had about double our kills, the trades were bloody, we were losing map control left and right. The amazing thing? Nobody flamed. Nobody surrendered. We just stalled out as long as we could and farmed as much as we could. Even when our nexus was at about 100 hp, we aced them and pushed all the way into their base, taking 2 mid towers, an inhib, and both nexus tower before they respawned and fought us off. Next we got a pick and then pushed into their base 5v4 and won. This is why you should not flame or surrender. This is how the game SHOULD be played. I felt honored to be on a team that actually knows comebacks are possible if you try and work for it. I love it when I get long rollercoaster-like games instead of games where my team wants to ff because the enemy got first blood. Just play the game. Please people. Stop trying to surrender, stop flaming, it doesn't do anything to help anyone. Edit: Added something I wrote in a comment below to my original post The surrender option has no value in a competitive setting. It gives people the mindset that they can "save time" by skipping a game that they "know" they are going to lose, instead of actually trying to make comebacks. The surrender option discourages comebacks and makes it harder to rally the team to victory because they'd rather take the easy way out. It is actually extremely TOXIC in a competitive setting. It usually starts out with only ONE player wanting to surrender, repeatedly putting up surrender votes every couple of minutes and in chat saying "ff" and "this is over", etc., until they spread the negativity to everyone else and make them start to get discouraged

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