Terrible first game in diamond. Wrongly banned for int feeding after one game.

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I played a game in which I did really bad a few days ago and did not play again after that. The reason I played this game was to make sure that I did not deteriorate out of diamond on solo queue after just getting into diamond. I had not played a solo queue game for a long time and was put into a bad match up as well. It was my first solo queue game in over 2 weeks and my first game in diamond. I died a lot but did not give up and became tilted because that's how I am on rare occasions. I said nothing in the game to anyone and proceeded to mute all because I did not want to be flamed. After the game, I logged off and did not play anything else. Today, I tried to log on and was told that I was banned for 14 days and would not get end of season rewards. All of my hard work is about to go into flames because of one bad game. I have previously submitted a ticket and was told that I would not be unbanned because of my death to minute ratio based off of one game. This is a very important issue to me because I will not get my rewards for the end of season, will not be able to play league, and also will get my honor level 5 taken away. I have been playing ranked since season 3 and have never been banned for intentionally feeding. All of my prior matches to this game were most wins. I had no reason to intentionally feed and did not intentionally feed. I would also like to add that the reason that I had so many deaths from what I remember is that I was constantly tower dived by a jax after losing constant trades with 0 help from my team. However, I did not flame or complain and rather tried to fix the situation by myself, which was a bad decision caused by stupidity and not playing solo queue in a while. If the game can be watched, it will be seen that I never once stood still and let people kill me or told the enemy team that I was a free kill. I fought rather than ran and died a lot because of it. That isn't intentionally feeding. I am very sad that I have been wrongly banned. Update: I GOT JUSTICE!
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