League and the Wonderful World of Bans

Hi there, I am a recent member of the group of players with a suspended account. Now I know what you are thinking, "Ah, they seem nice but in games, they are probably toxic trash that ends up afk after 0/20 in games." Now I will admit, in my early days, I could be quite toxic. Mainly because I would either play top where broken champs like {{champion:420}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:80}} made me rage quit after doing half my health with a q level 1, or support and my adc try to 1v5 while being 1/6 and then flaming me. I do defend myself in getting a 14-day ban after urging my jungle to gank and stop being idiotic and farming all game on {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} ... not to mention just 3 days after getting rid of a 25 chat game ban. Now, what happened was after I got the chat ban, I created a new account and took a break from the other one. So... really it had been about a month after I got the ban, but just was not playing games. This was 2 months ago. After resuming on my now un-banned account and gaining the fun champs as in {{champion:79}} {{champion:84}} . I was having a great time murdering on Akali and trolling full ap Gragas. Anyway, the new Irelia really screwed top laners if they knew how to play. New Akali rework was announced and Gragas buffs came, and I was hyped asf. Well, yesterday after taking a break from a huge losing streak, I returned to see my account deleted... here is why. The first game, I admit I do not remember exactly. Actually, I do not remember it at all. I checked and I did not own the champion nor was it free when it said I played so I figure it was from months ago and it is just a thing. Although it looked like I was yelling at my adc for feeding like I used to, which strengthened my suspicion. The second game was Illaoi. I. Hate. Illaoi. I was probably playing Olaf, the only thing I've found to go even-ish in 1v1 kills. I was complaining all game about how broken Illaoi was. I was also pleading with my jungle to camp my lane. Bot was feeding, so I threw in some comments like "Bot can u stop feeding?" "Noobs plz, stop". Anyway, I also yelled at my team to not fight Illaoi because they would engage on her in a choke point as a 4 man group. I also do a thing where if a champion is broken, such as Illaoi, I say to report them for cheating and just say that the champ is broken. Most laugh and take it lightly, but my team didn't. I do not know how many people reported me, or why, but they did. The last game... mmmm... it makes me want to uninstall. I was tired of feeding teammates so I went good ole Aram. We started off with and AMAZING comp. I had my undefeated {{champion:43}}, we had broken {{champion:420}} and {{champion:19}} for bruisers, {{champion:142}} for broken 1 shots and {{champion:67}} for an ad version of Zoe. The first thing that went wrong was {{champion:142}} re-rolled into {{champion:34}} . I thought "uh... alright I guess??? CC is good. We could chain cc." So, we loaded in. They had {{champion:24}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:29}} And someone else who was not a factor. I was like "alright team dodge there poke and we are good." It was all downhill from there. WW and Vayne did not buy and immediately walked to the tower. Illaoi got there, snowballed, and for some reason went in 1v5 under tower level 3. I was like "that was stupid! don't do it again plz!" and nobody said anything. WW then did the same... which made me repeat myself. Anivia started with a rod of ages pieces start, which I thought was fine. Vayne only cs'd... literally nothing else. She dodged stuff with her q though so she was ok. The SECOND... I'm not joking the literal SECOND Illaoi had her snowball, she repeated the same tactic. WW followed, Anivia missed her stun, and then Vayne q'd into all of them. I survived by just poking and not trying to 1v5. I explained what we needed to do. Every Gali q, Morg W, and Twitch W WW would legit go in stand in. Why? IDK. I was now mad, yelling at him for being a noob and not doing that. WW soon became 0/5, Illaoi 1/3, Vayne 0/2, Anivia 1/2, and I 3/1. We lost the first tower. Anivia picked up rod. I kept getting kills, but my team would go in under tower and try to beat there fedness. I was angry. Calling them noobs, idiots, worse than bots. I asked if they were blind, new, or had 2 fingers. They asked to report me. I was not sure why as they gave 4 kills after another. I said to report them for being stupid feeding noobs. They agreed to report me as another 4 kills went over. The game ended, I being 11/9, WW being 2/20, no joke. Illaoi being 4/13, Anivia, who went full sunfire warmongs sprit visage tank, 2/11, and Vayne 6/9. I had yelled at them for feeding and being stupid the whole game. Even cussing them out about how bad they are. I made verbal comments in all chat that they were the worst players I had seen because to be fair Vayne and WW were prob bots, Anivia was trolling, and Illaoi was prob just a noob to the champ. All of which I stated. Now.. you tell me. Does asking jg's to gank and not farm on early game champs and trying to explain how jg and their champ works, having tentacles shoved up, down and in all my holes by Illaoi, and asking to report bots for feeding = account banned. Because honestly, I do not think it should.
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