Why do people feel the need to lie?

I just finished playing this game. Now, I will probably get down voted but I do feel it needs to be pointed out at least. [Link Here](http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2988675971/230383415) In which TF and I began to win lane on bottom for the first 10 minutes of the match (I am Karma). However, we have killed their team twice in lane and then they proceed to attempt a 4-man gank in bot which unfortunately goes well and they get TF. I then say "nice premade" since a complex strategy like that is rarely accompanied without some form of voice communication (which seems a lot like cheating to me as its using a 3rd Party Program to produce unfavorable odds by having the ability to communicate with others on your team instantaneously.) The Ryze then proceeds to mouth off at me and then deny it almost immediately. To which I am sarcastic "Yeah, right...". He then gets really really irate and nasty, consistently swearing. Only for him to admit that he was in a 3-man premade with 2 other members of their team post game and then say "We are not on skype" and then admit that they were. I mean seriously? Why do people feel the need to lie about this? Are people incapable of admitting that they have had help or coordinated with others unfairly? Why does this wound some people so and if its "not such a bad thing", to queue with 2 of your friends and use a voice client, when Riot bans others 3rd Party Programs, into a game where you have an obvious tactical advantage? If this is so bad, why do people feel the need to hide it from others?
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