A rant on intentionally feeding. PSA: SUCKING DOES NOT EQUAL INTING

This is not aimed at rito. This is aimed at the dumb*** patrons of the game. There is a difference between sucking at league, having a bad game, and intentionally feeding (inting). I do not think anyone enjoys losing at league of legends, it is just a generally bad experience. You end up spending more time doing nothing than actually playing. It sucks really. How many people actually enjoy playing league of legends for the sake of making it bad for the rest of us? Not many. Think I'm wrong? Play a hundred games, heck, look at the last 100 games. How many of those games did your teammates go 0/10/0 JUST to cost you the game? Rito, I hope you guys are paying attention to your reporting system. Just got out of the umpteenth bad laning phase, and guess what, they say I'm inting. I GET A F***ING "A+" and dude still thinks I'm inting. "You were inting in the beginning but not late game." WHAT KIND OF INCONSISTENT BULL**** is this!! I'm looking back, IT WAS A PLATINUM FIORA! Its not the first time. Not the last time either. I was jax btw. This is a skill match-up. And it throws me so hard when I'm not even in ranked. I'm unranked! I dont even qualify for the imaginary WOOD DIVISION. And some how, the players I play with think that this unranked, probably silver level game, is just the most serious thing in the world, where everyone has to know all of Faker's mechanics, and play perfectly with lag, and score pentakills because its just that easy. smh. All of you wannabe LCS posers, get a life. The world doesn't revolve around you or your insignificant game play. Think youre good at the game? MAKE SOME MONEY OFF OF IT, THEN SCREAM AT ME FOR FEEDING because your kid's livelihood depends on it. Yeah, when its real s***. I'm done, being angry is exhausting. Community. Do something about yourself. You piss me off more than the Sonic Fan Base.

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