Unintentional AFK and LP loss

This has happened twice now where due to PC crash or internet connection issues I have disconnected from game. I was able to return in approx. 5 mins and luckily there has been no major change to game state bar perhaps 1 tower taken or my level being much lower. I then actually make a meaningful contribution to the game and we then go on to win. That is great for the team but then upon the post game stats I am shown to have a 17-20 point loss with grade D-. I obviously do not condone afk behaviours but understand that sometimes there are unavoidable situations where this occurs. My issue here is that in general if I disconnect, client crash or PC crash etc I would generally try to get back as fast as I can into the game. Knowing now that even if I do get back and contribute to the win, I am still going to be regarded as afker and lose LP, there doesn't seem to be much incentive for me to worry as much and try and get back into the game and go for the win essentially meaning that if I do have such a PC/game issue I might as well just leave it and do something else for a bit. Is there no way for a bot to check afk time and then look at stats from the game to see when an afk is intentional, a ragequit or extremely long?
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