People need to be Punished for their Actions.

How many times has this happened to you? You load into a ranked game, you are low silver trying to make your way back to gold, maybe trying to hit plat this season. Champ select is quiet, all seems well. You get into game and you see your Nasus top book it to lane, all is well in the world. Then you see that he has gone there with no items, Oh well mistakes happen. He'll just buy more stuff on his next back. Less than a minuet later it begins. "First blood" Shows across the screen. Nasus dies to the Riven toplane. Aw well he scales, he had no items. Try to be positive. He uses his tp to get back to lane. You see his items, still empty, and you see where he tp'd. Right onto riven. "An ally has been slain" Ok that was dumb, maybe he thought he could live and didnt buy items in time. Still keeping your head up. You look back at his items now. He has mobi boots. And this is just the beginning. Sorry for the long into but this kinda thing happens way too often in league. I have had players call me racial slurs within the first few minuets. Say they are muting us all. And then run it down too many times for me to care anymore. And the thing is, I wouldnt mind that if I knew in the end they would be punished for their actions. But most of the time they get off with just a chat restriction. I'm currently using to follow an account that did the things above I mentioned earlier. Called us the N word right off the bat and ran it down from the start ending a 15 minuet game 0/12/0 I reported said player The day the new season started or shortly after. I make this post because its been at least two weeks since I've played with this person and they are still in ranked games doing the same kinda stuff to other players. What does it take to get someone who is clearly trolling and being toxic to get banned? I get Riot is busy with the start of the season and I get they have other things they are working on with these new games and projects. But whats the point of all that when the game they are based on isn't a safe place to be for anyone? There is no system in place to make it so if someone is running it down and ruining the game for everyone where you can just leave and not get punished. The FF @ 15 system is trash for this because the troll will just vote no, and why should I spend 15 minuets locked in a game with a person who is just trying to ruin my day? Its not fair for the people who want to just hop on play some league try their butt off and maybe climb a bit. I know its early season and as soon as I start my climb I can get away from those kinds of people. But why do I have to deal with so much crap just to play a videogame? I don't know how this can be fixed. But I do know either reporting needs a rework or their "Tribunal" system needs to go back into the hands of the actual players. Not the guys in the Riot office, in ours. The millions of us playing the game on the daily who can tell when someone is clearly trolling. Millions of us who want to see this game be as awesome as we once knew it when we started playing all those years ago. Im not trying to sound like a broken record because I know people cry about trolls all the time. But it feels like this season its crazy out of hand. I love league of legends, I love its characters, how it plays, and the awesome creations born from its concepts. But for the love of god, can we get rid of the people who are dragging the reputation of this game down?
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