Punished for my teammates being toxic?

Game 1 wewuzkangz7: your name though wewuzkangz7: YIKES wewuzkangz7: no wewuzkangz7: the racist uganda meme part wewuzkangz7: tryhard warwick wewuzkangz7: riven wewuzkangz7: wait riven did u not see me go on? wewuzkangz7: rivven wewuzkangz7: i flashed on thee ori wewuzkangz7: and u were csing... wewuzkangz7: "nevergetangry" wewuzkangz7: and you're doing bannable stuff wewuzkangz7: nice! XD wewuzkangz7: riven inting is bannablle wewuzkangz7: riven stoopo wewuzkangz7: dude im not stopping everything im doing to gank top wewuzkangz7: when ur trolling me wewuzkangz7: riven treat your teammates better if u want help wewuzkangz7: why do you expect me to help when you walked under turret and inted, and then blamed me? wewuzkangz7: ori did you see the riven die under ur turret on purpose? wewuzkangz7: oriana wewuzkangz7: orianna wewuzkangz7: did you see the riven int under ur turret? wewuzkangz7: how yasuo wewuzkangz7: riven is stealing my farm :/ wewuzkangz7: draven i was heading mid to help yas wewuzkangz7: i cant be everywhere at once wewuzkangz7: she already did wewuzkangz7: please report riven.. wewuzkangz7: intentionally feeding wewuzkangz7: ori how do you think you got first blood? wewuzkangz7: do you think the riven walked under turret for no reason? wewuzkangz7: stfu loser wewuzkangz7: not reportable wewuzkangz7: ori watch the replay please :D wewuzkangz7: you'll see the riven at about 3 minutes in walking under your turret on purpose, and she types in chat "im inting" wewuzkangz7: you're a troll if you don't think she should get reported for that wewuzkangz7: lol wewuzkangz7: thanks guys! wewuzkangz7: warwick wewuzkangz7: did my team really just back off and let you run straight to me? wewuzkangz7: how was i trolling? wewuzkangz7: how was i toxic? wewuzkangz7: no seriously wewuzkangz7: how was i toxic yasuo wewuzkangz7: dude thats not how evidence works wewuzkangz7: YOU have the burden of evidence wewuzkangz7: because YOU accused me wewuzkangz7: YASUO IS ACCUSING ME OF BEING TOXIC AND WANTS ME TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF WHY I WASNT TOXIC wewuzkangz7: THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS BUDDY wewuzkangz7: caps isnt toxic>?> wewuzkangz7: bro i know you REALLY want to be right, but you're WRONG. so STOP wewuzkangz7: you DONT get to accuse me without evidence wewuzkangz7: THAT'S TOXIC BRO wewuzkangz7: THAT wewuzkangz7: IS wewuzkangz7: TOXIC wewuzkangz7: YES wewuzkangz7: WW can u link ur main after this game? wewuzkangz7: how Here's some context: Just a normal non-draft game, WW mirror. I get a leash on my blue, do wolves, and walk to my red. Enemy WW invaded. I walk top to kill their top orianna. Riven sits back and is CSing even after I flash and get my fear off. My red was down, and I'm super far behind now, so I tax riven a couple creeps. Riven then starts spam pinging orianna, and when I go back in we aren't able to kill her. Riven sits under orianna's turret and gives her first blood, and then LITERALLY TYPES: "I'm inting". Riven then spam pings me, steals camps, flames me in chat, etc, all while wanting ganks, which I obviously don't want to give her as she's shown lots of incompetence and that she doesn't respect me. By now I'm super far behind. I start trying to gank lanes, fail multiple times, and by this point the game is over. Riven is stealing all of my camps, and now yasuo has joined in on flaming me. He starts typing to the enemy that I've been toxic, when, as you can see in my early chat logs, I was NOT toxic. I made sure to tell the riven to be nice to me if she wanted ganks, and I tried multiple times to explain why a gank failed. At this point the enemy team is trolling in chat, saying that riven wasn't inting, and that I was just getting outplayed. When yasuo started accusing me I asked what evidence he had of me being toxic, and he said I was the person who needed to provide the evidence. Like wtf? that's not how the burden of proof works. You accuse someone, you have to provide evidence as to why your accusation is correct. And then he starts saying that me typing in caps is toxic, when I've literally seen posts from forum staff saying that it specifically is NOT bannable. Please explain how what I did was worth a chat restriction. Also, I'm yet to see the riven get punished for intentionally feeding and flaming me the entire game. Thanks :)
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