Stop asking for reports on players that are just playing badly.

I want to know how the hell this mind mindbogglingly idiotic trend started. WHERE ON EARTH did MOBA players get the idea that you should report players that are playing badly ???? Who, with any semblance of brain power, would think "Oh this player is playing badly on my game! I should report them because Riot will ban players who are playing badly!" What the fuck goes on in the heads of people who think like this. This pisses me off, i turn on chat so I can communicate with my teammates and what do I see? "Report Syndra for feeding" "Report shen for troll!!!11 "repOrt teemo for nooo)b!!1" This is beyond irritating, just the idea that that dumbass is sitting behind a computer screen thinking "Oh yeah i did a valid report right there." STOP! STOP. IT. Riot needs to have an active campaign against this decisive bullshit. And you know what? If a player reports someone, and it has been discovered that they have been flaming their fellow player and asking them to be reported, they need to be punished. There needs to be stricter punishments. I'm tired of this. And if you do this, please for the love of Andraste's holy tits just fucking stop. Stop this ridiculous practice. It does nothing but tilt people and increase the chat hostility. Gang reporting people that are just playing badly is stupid bullying and it really won't do anything and makes them feel like shit. Stop. Get some help. I know it's been a long journey. I know your penis is small and you are trying to compensate for it by exerting some weird power fantasy on bad players thinking that you are so good that you can literally have lesser players banned for not adhering to your perfect standard of _hardcore_ full anal league of legenz 420 gameplay. But stop. Just think about it! You can be a productive member of society for once and actually making someone's day by being nice in a game full of toxic Urgot cavity sludge. .... OH, and stop saying gg ez.
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