does this deserve a permaban?

Game 1 In-Game TamChenchi: wtf dmg TamChenchi: jesus ur so fucking lucky TamChenchi: stfu trynda TamChenchi: oh cmonn n TamChenchi: can u stop camping mid jesus TamChenchi: i gave ss TamChenchi: ok TamChenchi: OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP U AUTISTIC PIECE OF SHIT TamChenchi: U THINK UR FAKER JUST BCUZ UR 0/0? TamChenchi: ur fucking 0-1 TamChenchi: and urplaying fucking tryndamere TamChenchi: so stop talking shit TamChenchi: ok TamChenchi: i go int TamChenchi: fuck this trynda TamChenchi: im so fucking glad that trynda is gonna lose this match TamChenchi: toxic player TamChenchi: idc TamChenchi: i have like 3 other accs TamChenchi: i died 9 times TamChenchi: so what TamChenchi: my e is bugged TamChenchi: lol TamChenchi: trynda stop crying =( TamChenchi: =) TamChenchi: xDD TamChenchi: u have 4 takedowns xD TamChenchi: again, u have 4 takedowns, u did nothing trynd xD TamChenchi: like litterally nothing TamChenchi: do these turrets help us win in any way? TamChenchi: cause as i see itwere losing TamChenchi: and i just feed cause i play for fun TamChenchi: and cause i like to ruin ur game TamChenchi: =) TamChenchi: im not more idiot than u tho =) TamChenchi: ur bad man TamChenchi: and ur playing trynd so u can hide ur inability to play league TamChenchi: =) TamChenchi: with talon u actually have to use ur brain in order 2 win =)) TamChenchi: lol TamChenchi: whats so funny =)) TamChenchi: yet i have a bigger iq than u'll ever dream to =) TamChenchi: we still can TamChenchi: lol does this actually deserve a permaban? like seriously, if u cant stand some words just mute, there's a button in game its not that hard. i didnt even say something that offensive, hell i dont even know what got me banned xD. anyway the ban system is very bad in its state, players troll so many games and rito does nothing bout it, but a few words can get u banned... and dont start with the " chat is for strategy" argument cause its not, chat is litterally only used to interact with other ppl, no one would play an online game where u cant talk to others
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