Permanently Banned For Minor Flaming (Riot would rather I soft int)

I got permanently banned for typing, i feel so bad i caused others the pain of reading my grammatical errors. Thank you Riot Full Fucking R%%%%% video games. I will make a new account, smurf and soft int, because running it down is a minor offence while typing is in your system is the worst thing a player can do Game 1 Pre-Game AronCartman: hail of blades AronCartman: or conuqerer In-Game AronCartman: pls AronCartman: stop playing adc AronCartman: just stick to midlane AronCartman: when we duo no AronCartman: but wwithout me AronCartman: dont AronCartman: ward the red AronCartman: and go AronCartman: midlane no sums AronCartman: free kill AronCartman: jugnle afk AronCartman: the jungle difference AronCartman: is so much fun AronCartman: stop pushing waves AronCartman: your useless AronCartman: 10 minutes AronCartman: 0 kill participation AronCartman: dude AronCartman: jhins poppingoff AronCartman: lol 0 kill aprticicaption AronCartman: thats right AronCartman: better quit AronCartman: n00b AronCartman: lol for a mid ahri into a lane bully amtchup AronCartman: your cs is terrible AronCartman: jhin AronCartman: me and you carry AronCartman: go top AronCartman: and push there wave AronCartman: then go bot AronCartman: your so bad AronCartman: so i would be talking AronCartman: lol he was afk AronCartman: for a good chunk of time AronCartman: jungle difference AronCartman: LOL AronCartman: im winning my lane AronCartman: your just trash AronCartman: buddy AronCartman: your first kill was 15 minutes in AronCartman: you watched poor garen int his lane AronCartman: i lost it from your afk AronCartman: n00b AronCartman: buddy your 3 levels down on jax AronCartman: we know AronCartman: homeless shelter wifi AronCartman: aint that good AronCartman: garen AronCartman: your 0/6 AronCartman: just ff AronCartman: lost game AronCartman: ye you costed us the game AronCartman: tell you what AronCartman: since im nice AronCartman: i wil only report for afk AronCartman: open gg AronCartman: lol AronCartman: buddy AronCartman: you need some serious coaching AronCartman: intro level bots jugnle better AronCartman: lol ahri i dont think your old enough to play a T rated game AronCartman: if your mommy found out you will go to bed at 7 instead of 8 AronCartman: lol that made me laugh so hard AronCartman: almost spilt my water Game 2 In-Game AronCartman: gg AronCartman: ff 15 AronCartman: just ff 15 AronCartman: your so bad AronCartman: you should uninstall AronCartman: dinana AronCartman: its 15 minutes AronCartman: and ou have no kill aprticipation AronCartman: lol your actually one of the worst junglers AronCartman: in quite a long time AronCartman: no farm AronCartman: no kill participation AronCartman: and allows the newly buffed yorick to scale AronCartman: bruh AronCartman: youricks alane bully AronCartman: and i am AronCartman: i have 3 kills AronCartman: and beat him early AronCartman: great AronCartman: now im stuck AronCartman: for another 5 minutes AronCartman: nah buddy AronCartman: i was palying ine AronCartman: till jax ganked me AronCartman: burned my flash AronCartman: then after that ytorick froze my wave AronCartman: and free farmed AronCartman: whast teh point AronCartman: my jungles mute and deaf AronCartman: my lanes lost AronCartman: yorick 1v9 AronCartman: im not flaming AronCartman: i am giving tips to jungle to improve AronCartman: likke uninstalling AronCartman: that will make her 10x better AronCartman: lol are you 12 AronCartman: your actualy not old enough to play a t rated game Post-Game AronCartman: diana AronCartman: no kill participation 15 minutes into the game AronCartman: thats what i call AronCartman: afk farming AronCartman: diana AronCartman: jsut uninstall AronCartman: it would mkae leauge better Peace out and hope I get magically reformed on my next 10 accounts. :)
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