First time having a ban, ever.

So I got super mad in one of my games, and flew off the handle at my ADC. It was uncalled for, and I'm pretty damn sure I deserve the ban, but I'm just confused at to what the 14-day ban entails, as this is my first time ever being in trouble with Riot. I got the message saying all free rewards were cancelled, and my honor level would drop to 0. Does this mean that if I make the climb to gold+ next season, I lose out potentially on the ranked border, victorious skin, and other such rewards? Or do I lose my rewards for this year, as we are still in preseason? If it means I lose my rewards at the end of the next season, then so be it - I was wrong in what I said, but I am still pretty upset about it. Raging is never justified, even if said rager is on a consistent loss streak. Edit: I'm also really confused as to why it jumped straight to a 2 week ban - to my knowledge and memory (Which isn't the best, granted,) I haven't even had so much as a restriction for years. Perhaps the things I said? Could someone shed light on that for me too, just so I have a better understanding? Update: i have submitted a support ticket to Riot, but I know from previous experience with support that they can sometimes take a couple days to respond, depending on how busy they are. Could anyone shed light on why it jumped straight to a two week ban? Are there other instances of this happening to first time offenders?
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