4 man reports me and i get suspended I'd like to know if this is warranted

Game 1 Pre-Game Ramen226: of fking course Ramen226: it isnt wuk its gnar In-Game Ramen226: report zoe Ramen226: zoe inting and now griefing ffs Ramen226: gj Ramen226: zoe just quit Ramen226: pls Ramen226: leave the game Ramen226: lost to mid Ramen226: leav Ramen226: the Ramen226: game Ramen226: 4 queus are dumb as fk anyways Ramen226: and your fgriend is trash who fed gnar Ramen226: he fed zed 4 kills and then went top and fed gnar Ramen226: he should be playing bots Ramen226: i love playing with a 4 man that has a trolling zoe Ramen226: yep Ramen226: and then when you get frustrated they tell you they're a 4 man and say they're reporting you Ramen226: maybe its cause your friend fed their laner and then started spamming pings to try and get me to lane swith Ramen226: i really should and i never do Ramen226: did i mention shyv was executed at red? Ramen226: bc she was executed at red Ramen226: yeah its totally undeserved Ramen226: you guys really ARENT wasting my time Ramen226: is that what you call it? Ramen226: wasting time on a game that we probably wont win Ramen226: bc you're jungler friend and your mid friend have no idea what they're doing Ramen226: maybe play bots for your first time? Ramen226: "idiot" Ramen226: do you speak english? Ramen226: whered all the hp come from zed? Ramen226: i thought i had you ignited Ramen226: ik but still' Ramen226: ah Ramen226: HES FRENCH Ramen226: holy mother of god can it get any better Ramen226: zoe Ramen226: again? Ramen226: wow thats busted Ramen226: ok Ramen226: ill help baron Ramen226: cmon' Ramen226: no i leash Ramen226: im playing Ramen226: WHY Ramen226: DO YOU HAVE IGNITE Ramen226: exhaust* Ramen226: thats how you spell exhaust Ramen226: haha Ramen226: good accident Ramen226: ROFL Ramen226: uh Ramen226: my tem gud Ramen226: ngl Ramen226: i keep confusing you and soraka Ramen226: |alright gg end this nonsense Ramen226: gg Post-Game Ramen226: tbh my entire team deserves to be reported Ramen226: but ill settle for just zoe ;) Just to provide a little context if you're interesting. Annie - brand bot lane that lost. Shyvana that was executed at red And zoe, died 4 times to zed and then came top started taking minions and died to my laner after I leave when jg reveals. Zoe starts following me around taking camps/minions. Brand is flaming me. Me and soraka start talking about 4 mans that ruin games because none of them admit it's their friends fault. Zoe calls me an idiot but in broken english so i ask if they can speak english. He responds in french. From my perspective theres a 4 man wasting my time and one of their friends is griefing me but I got a 2 week suspension for flaming. I've never been suspended and I haven't even played since july.
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