Wrongfully suspended and punished for Elo Boosting

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TLDR; I was wrongfully suspended for being Eloboosted, just look at my op.gg and you'd know. I ended season silver 3 and am silver 1 now. Lol. Alright, so today when I went to login I was greeted by a nice message: https://gyazo.com/e6c6a2d47d6f94b0b97e39b4910815ac I thought, oh god, had I become toxic once more ? No, this was not the case, I logged into my dedicated email that has all my LoL accounts attached to it and saw an email I recieved which read this: https://gyazo.com/8b59c947fdcd45852610b80df8f3ce3a https://gyazo.com/9d2c079eda3e0959fe16a03892728b5a Hmm, strange, I had been caught getting elo boosted ? This made absolutely no sense, as I would never pay someone to Elo boost me in the first place. Now before you jump to conclusions and say, you're clearly lying, heres some facts for you: I played 916 ranked games this season (Roughly) I peaked silver 1 promos to gold several times, unfortunately losing them everytime. I hovered between silver 2 and silver 1 for the majority of the season. I ended the season silver 3, and just now in the preseason have I hit silver 1 again. So I figured I'd send in a support ticket to Riots fabled Player Support, I wrote to them, "So I just saw I got an Elo boosting email. I'm not quite sure why you guys think i've been elo boosting, I have proof its only been me playing on the account. My friend has streamed every game on (Friends twitch link), and i've only played with him since playing League again. I have no idea why you guys think i've been eloboosted...." And they responded with this: https://gyazo.com/ffb8ce9654ad7f5b4b4b61e65399837e I left the supporters name out for privacy reasons. Now, this seemed odd to me, "Your suspension was only issued after an extensive investigation", so you extensively investigated my account and saw that I am an average player, who ended the season in the average league, and is still, in the pre season, in the average league. Interesting. Now, I'm not posting this here to cause drama, I am posting this because I hope they see that they made a mistake and correct that mistake. I would very much like to keep my season rewards and continue play on my account. EDIT: They responded to my newest ticket with this: https://gyazo.com/a990fd4c321af6cc5c8897cc894e9ca3 So I guess they will not give me the chance to provide my evidence, nor would it matter is what this agent said. Its so easy to see that I was not in any sense or way boosted. I bet they looked at the ranked games I played before I moved away for school, and then when I moved away. And saw a different IP and then eventually a different MAC. I started to use a laptop instead of my PC. But I still have both, I can willingly provide all MAC's used on the account as well as ALL IP addresses. But I guess it doesn't matter, because like a toddler, when Player support thinks something, they won't change their mind. I hold nothing against Riot as a company, I've put several thousand dollars into the game as well as thousands of hours I will never get back. I have played this game since season 2 with out ever getting even a warning for something like MMR Boosting, I am disappointed that I was not given a fair opportunity to prove my innocence but so be it. Unfortunately I see now that I am not valued as a customer to them, nor a player. Thus I will not be returning to the game and will be quitting; I do not wish to play a game made by a company who deems it okay to punish someone for something they did not do, and then not even give them the chance to prove it. It is unlawful and childish, but so be it. So I guess this is goodbye, after 7 years of playing such a wonderful game, it gets ruined by something like this. Edit: Keyru has responded on my ticket, and I have just provided my proof. Hopefully it will be enough for him to reconsider and see I am in-fact innocent. I am posting this to stay honest, and will not deface Riot's image even if I am not happy with them. Trying to give the full story: https://gyazo.com/afd93073ac66ab97045a52dd77e6bde8 Final update: Keyru said my proof is not enough to show I wasn't MMR boosted. I guess every MAC and IP that's played on the account is not enough. I have nothing left I can provide. I cannot upload 2TB of videos for them. I guess I'm just going to be wrongfully punished. Sorry to say I will no longer be playing this game. https://gyazo.com/e335e12ea05685032784c3e897e4e3ed
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