Riot Support's Response to my Permaban Ticket

Many of you will have seen my other post titled "I truly believe I was wrongfully banned. Please tell me what you think." Long story short, I was permanently banned 1 game after I came off my 2 week ban. In this game, I was constantly harassed, and despite me keeping my cool and trying my best to remain positive, I was permanently banned. I don't believe my behavior warranted any kind of punishment, and 77% of those who voted in my poll agreed with me. Despite gaining a lot of traction throughout the day on a Friday, no one from Riot responded to my post. I spoke to Riot Live Chat and the support agent treated my logs exactly like a robot would and gave me a vague response. So, I created a support ticket: **GODCARRY** May 10th 2018, 11:17:02 pm After a month of inactivity (aside from a premade normals in which I barely spoke in chat) I played a game in which I was flamed and harassed by my premade team for playing poorly and not using Discord voice. I believe I did not flame at all this game. I wrote a Boards post here, if that is relevant at all to you: The worst thing I said this game is "you're a moron" and I wasn't even name calling. The full comment, if I didn't break it up into multiple messages, was "youre a moron // for trash talking someone // for wanting to focus on the game // and for having a bad game // youre just toxic,." The reason I said this is because I genuinely believe this player is a moron for risking their account to flame and harass me over me not wanting to use Discord voice. I tried to explain to them that I wanted to focus on the game, but because I wasn't performing well, they continued to harass me. Please review my ban and decide if you think it was rightfully given to me. I truly believe it wasn't, and it appears that the majority of the community agrees with me. |----------------------- **DEME LOVATO** May 11th 2018, 11:38:25 am Hey Carry, Now, I may not have the best news here, but hopefully I'll be able to provide some context on the situation as to why you were escalated to this point. To start off, I completely get how tilting other players can be -- whether they are feeding or verbally harassing you throughout the whole game -- so I'll go ahead and look into any players that were being negative in that game and action accordingly as we definitely don't want them to ruin other players' games as well. However, we are ultimately in control of our own actions and not that of others. Oftentimes, engaging with negativity only contributes to it and that's something we don't want to condone either. Name calling, blaming others, calling them out on their performance/behavior, and constantly arguing isn't constructive to the situation and actually just perpetuates the negative environment that others may have set. As far as the perma goes, with each successive penalty comes a harsher one. Especially in the case of a two week suspension, that becomes your last and final warning to discontinue all negative behavior from that point forward. On its own, this game would've likely resulted in a chat restriction, but seeing as negativity was observed despite this, you were escalated to our highest level of penalization. For these reasons, sadly, I'll have to say that the suspension was justified and will have to remain. Again, not the best news here, but hopefully I was able to share how and why you were escalated to this point. If you have any other questions or if anything else was confusing about the ban, feel free to lemme know so that I can fill in any gaps! |----------------------- **GODCARRY** May 11th 2018, 7:18:49 pm I was not negative in this game, and if you took the time to look at my chat logs you would see that. I was actually positive despite being torn apart by multiple people in the game. I believe I showed evidence of reform, and if I was given the chance to play a couple more games, I would have continued to prove that. Sadly, your company's failed behavior system took one game with NO evidence of toxicity, and somehow found the most tame and mild trigger words and issued me a ban. First, I want to note that engaging with negativity is perfectly acceptable, so long as I'm not being negative in my engagement. You cannot expect me to identify every negative person in a game and never interact with them again. You claim I was name calling? I MAYBE called one person a name (my support a moron), but if you take a moment to look at that message ALONG WITH THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE, I said he was a moron for flaming me. I would not say that's name calling. I said his behavior was moronic. I was not flaming him and calling him a moron. Huge difference. You claim I was blaming others? No evidence of this in the logs. I did not blame one player one single time. I was frustrated after I died and said "not sure how to win now... i just died to your lane twice." I died twice to enemy mid/jungle and I lost my entire top side jungle. I simply said I died to their mid lane. This isn't blaming anyone for anything. I even took the time to explain this later in the game to my mid laner, who had been spam pinging me all game. You claim I was calling them out on their behavior? Calling out implies I named someone and their behavior, which I did not do. I told my support he was toxic, which he was. Can I not point out that someone is being toxic so that they recognize how they're acting towards me? I told my team "gl finding someone who sticks around when you berate them." Is that an example of calling someone out? Because they were harassing me all game after telling me they couldn't get anyone to stick around and play with them for more than one game. Is it wrong to wish them luck in finding someone who will put up with their shit? I said "nice flame all." Is this really against the rules? Multiple people were harassing me all game. I didn't call anyone out here so it's besides the point. You claim I was constantly arguing? I didn't argue with a single person. I tried to explain myself and my reasons for doing the things I did so hopefully my team would understand and stop harassing me. How can you seriously find something punishable in my chat this game. I'm genuinely confused as to how you, the live support agent, and some members of the community can be this daft and stubborn. It should be an embarrassment to you. |----------------------- **DEME LOVATO** May 12th 2018, 10:29:01 am Chat is meant to be used to provide positive, constructive feedback (i.e. "Good smite steal fam") or to adopt a neutral stance and share strategies to help contribute to your team's victory (i.e. "Gonna split push top -- if you guys wanna split bot as 4, we should be able to juggle the enemy team around and pressure out some objectives!"). None of this dialogue fits into those two buckets so it would be something that we consider as disruptive to the game and contributing negativity towards it. Like before, this game definitely wasn't deserving of a two week ban or a permaban on its own, but something more akin to a chat restriction. Seeing as the account received multiple warnings prior though about essentially the same behavior, this game basically became the final straw that tipped the account over. What those other players were doing was definitely not cool -- having to be harassed the entire game. But they will be handled separately (like I said, I'll be looking into them myself) and we never want to stoop down to the level of others and retaliate as that just contributes more negativity to the game. While I won't be able to help with the account further, if you have any other questions, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I will be closing the ticket out soon. |----------------------- So that's apparently the end of that. We now have a zero tolerance policy in League of Legends. You cannot interact with negative players unless you yourself are being overly positive, or strategizing. Do not debate, argue, or discuss anything other than positive gameplay related topics. Anything else is considered off-topic or negative behavior and will be punished. Without socializing, competitive banter, and occasional bm, every game will begin to look the same and people will begin to get bored and leave. This is what we deserve for not speaking up sooner. Good luck everyone!
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