@RIOT (any and all). My true feelings of the game, system, and its community.

Written (typed i guess) with the full knowledge It could get me perma-banned (I expect it actually) but I do not care at this point. Its a long post that I decided to share after everything that has happened lately. 821 words & 4,459 characters exact. So after 5 seasons (i started around Yorick release i think; might of been Leona cant recall exactly) I got my 1st suspension.(wasn't from being reported in game and I really don't mind getting it) Only had the popup about being reported once (which honestly i did deserve that which i can agree on) From a forums post.(in the player behavior section to v_v right where it should of went) Showing post game chat where my team(all but 1) verbally abusing me and 1 repeatedly telling me to kill myself (happened in the game also multiple times). I admit it has gotten so common to run into players who will verbally abuse me I have started to purposefully afk when they keep doing it for awhile (in ARAM's). Why would i bother trying to help people like that? They obviously think so little of me they don't think they need me. The amount of players like this has made me have a negative view on the game ( i would rather surrender than waste my time having to deal with them). In the past 2 season the leagues community (which has some really fun and cool people and i do have fun with when i encounter em) has gotten ridiculously toxic. I have bad luck as i run into em more often than not (seriously i dare a riot member to check past year chat logs and see how often i do). And i am not even talking about ranked. (which is worse and why i avoid it with a passion) RIOT flat out refuses to let us "show proof of" people who threaten you, teammates, verbally abuse them non stop, and as much as they say their report system works it doesn't or this would NOT be as common as it is. {The following section is based off personal view from league related content/streams/etc} Reports need people to do them. Most people don't care enough to bother as it doesn't involve them. Even when they do get reported 6/10 nothing will happen to them and they will keep doing and 4/10 that does will just remake an account(who doesn't have an alt nowadays?) and still do it again. Even an IP address ban would at least stop some of them from coming back(either permanently or for awhile depending if they know/learn how to bypass em.) {end of that section} Their "block player" is far from ideal. I have literally blocked/muted/reported a player and been put in with them on my team the very next match.(if you do all that it kinda means you never want to see them again...) When a company would rather protect toxic players, who literally wish death on you and punish you for reporting about it happening, ( it may shock you to know this but....cyber bullying IS bad and has caused people to kill themselves because of it.) that is a stupid company. So yeah I enjoyed League of Legends for many years. Your involvement in your community is something Blizzard could learn from. However your player behavior area is dumb as can be. (Blizzard has you beat on that.) I mean shouldn't we be allowed to report players behaviors in a section called "player behavior"??? (especially the serious ones) Heaven forbid you actually TRY to fix the community by letting players record/screenshot abuse that is serious by having a section we can directly email RIOT the proof (which would stop having to "shame" them on boards while also hopefully them getting punished..) However...your stance on hiding and protecting the players who ruin the game. if they themselves refuse to follow the rules why in the heck should they be protected by the rules they care nothing for? So yeah... thanks for the past few years. Hopefully someday you will come to realize that your stance is the opposite of what it should be to rule breakers. End thoughts: company has nice ideas, great community interaction, and fun game.(as long as you don't encounter the toxic part of community) I am not upset i got a 1 day suspension. However not doing anything to people who wish you'd commit suicide was my final straw. (personally i have been looking for a reason to stop playing as current season is not as fun as past seasons.) sincerely, a player you care nothing for and will forget within the next 24 hours. p.s. if someone actually reads the entire thing..congrats. hope your enjoyment of the game isn't ruined by other players/behavioral rioters actions like mine was.
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