KYS has gone too far

I just recently finished a game and this Lux support won her/his game and told me to kys after the game and left. I'm going to be real upset if they don't ban her/his profile permanently. People need to understand that just cause it's online it doesn't affect people. In reality yes it does affect other gamers. What if you told someone to kys and they actually did, or what if you don't know that their only escape of pain is video games and you tell them to kys and they do it. So with this meme of kys I honestly think people should take consideration and stop the kys stuff cause it's really not cool and it's really immature especially if you say you have common sense but you still use it. I've thrown out my ten-cents. I want this to be and open-minded discussion from people out there as well as being mature about it. I don't tolerate toxic arguments on here. So thanks for reading the post and stay safe and have fun out there in the Rift.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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