As a 48 year old lifelong gamer, I am sick of RIOT playing "CARE BEAR" to teenage instigators in league games. I call out teammates' incorrect actions (because RIOT matches me up with morons), and then when I ask an enemy team to report him for openly feeding and announcing in team chat, the enemy team gets toxic and all report me for the fun of it. This was three games ago (about 2 hours). Then when RIOT goes to look at the reports.... THEY CANNOT FIND ANYTHING! So they decide to go back EIGHT AND ELEVEN games back from over 2 days ago to find me using select words like retard or "fuk". They went back in my history to "cherry pick" so they could get some kind of satisfaction, not looking at what happened on that current game. Seriously RIOT, you sicken me with your "higher than thou" attitude, when you're nothing but children yourselves. Learn what it means to be an adult before you go around playing GOD. If you spent more of your time trying to improve match-making to keep IDIOTS away from skilled players, instead of abusing your power, this game could evolve further. But alas, you cater to the kids who are "pulling your strings."
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