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This is a rant. I'm sorry for whoever doesn't want to read this. So I just got done with this match, and it was just terrible from the start. Even though we won. During champ select, I called support. I admit, I play it a lot, but I called it and got it. Instead, the person that called ADC said that someone else was Support. Looking up in the chat, I thought maybe I came late and didn't see the call. But the person came into the chat at the same time as me, and they didn't call anything. After that, the person just locks in Blitzcrank. And then calls ADC. The person that called ADC locks in Yasuo. Now I was a little upset that I just got bullied out of my role, but being that I saw that the bot lane was now both melee, and most of the games in the recent past I have played have been laned against a Caitlin, I got even more upset. But I didn't say anything. I just locked in Lulu and kept my mouth shut. And already, the Blitz had something to say about how I was apparently playing someone that wasn't tanky enough and that we weren't going to be able to team fight. Whatever. So when we went into loading, I saw that Yasuo and Blitz were going to be against Syndra and Draven. With a Syndra support, I thought maybe they weren't going to have to worry about much. But still, it was whatever. I got in the match, and I admit I opened my big mouth. I said "I can't believe that you guys bullied me out of my lane so that you can go double melee in bot lane just so you can get Yasuo a knock up. The Blitz responded by asking me what rank I was. I said don't fucking worry about it. Worry about not messing up your lane. And then I said that Rank doesn't matter in this game. I admit, I am bronze. And the sad thing about Bronze is that the hardest part about getting out is getting a team of good bronze players that can lead you to win. If you don't win, whether you yourself were doing good or not, you don't get LP to get out of your rank. So really, if you are in bronze, for some people, it doesn't matter. I should also say that I found out I was laning into a Riven. As Lulu. So Blitz dies once at one point. And then I get a kill on Riven. Blitz says sorry for fucking up Lulu, but I just ignore him. I fight riven out of lane again, and again, but I'm not doing good in farm. Either way, I'm ahead of riven in kills so if I just hold tower I should be fine. And then Riven comes into lane. At that point, Literally the EXACT POINT that Riven hits the lane, I hit 2000 ping and can't move. I literally just stand there as she kills me. Blitz was watching for that ONE TIME that I mess up so that he can go off on his BRONZE shit talk. But at this point the nidalee that was laning against our zed has died some 10 times. So our team is still good. And then the Zed starts talking some rude shit to the Nidalee. And Blitz joins in. I mean horrible stuff. Mocking rank, talking about how bad the person was. Just being a complete asshole. So I say in chat "I don't understand why people are so rude in this game now. Like as a nidalee you die to Riven ONCE in lane cause of bad lag and you are apparently a complete NOOB." Syndra agrees with me on this one. Blitz just goes on talkign shit. I go mid lane and there are three kills that happen and we take two towers. So Yasuo takes the time to point out that my outer turret just dropped in lane. Saying that for that reason I'm a shit player. I mention that Riven has only gotten one kill on me so you have noting to say. Because honestly, for someone that has played top lane for a Whooping 3 or 4 pvp matches and doesn't normally solo lane, holding my own against one of the stronger top lanes and kinda bullying it around the lane is an accomplishment. He says Kills aren't as important as objectives. Which honestly, that is true for the most part. But once again. 1 death to Riven. Thats pretty important. And we had both towers down in mid and bot. We had this game in the bag. I think Nid had died 15 times by now? So I said And you are gold. Once again proof that rank doesn't matter in this game. Apparently that was worse than all the things that Yasuo, Blitzcrank, and Zed had said to the rest of the team. Because at the end of the match I got a notice saying that I had been reported for unsportsmanlike conduct. Are you fucking shitting me? These guys are going in all cat talking completely horridly to the other team, being completely toxic to their own team, and I get reported for defending myself? Honestly riot. What is this bullshit?

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