BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT IT TAKING TOO LONG TO REACH LEVEL 3 HONOR? HAHAHA, HERE'S MY LITTLE STORY! Alright so it's been exactly 26 days since I got unbanned, been playing both blind pick and soloQ actively almost everyday since then, made it from silver 4 to gold 2 and hoping to hit plat as soon as I practice a consistent secondary role, been trying my best to be tilt proof and haven't received any further infractions yet, been getting an average of 1 or 2 teammates honors every single game; 4 honors in some rare occasions, still honor level 0. Still not even sure if I'll access the end-of-season rewards and whether it's even related to the new honor system; which is important as this can render my journey to plat obsolete. Note 1: it's noteworthy with the old honor system I'm fairly certain I would've unlocked the honor rewards within 5 days max playing actively, perhaps even less. Note 2: Within few days of getting unbanned (and supposedly reforming) I received an in-game message of unlocking honor rewards (which I thought was advancing to honor level 1) that applied only to chests, still got 0 fragments and my status is still "Dishonorable" sitting at level 0. Note 3: I'm not complaining but just sharing my exotic experience through the new and improved honor system.
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