Violation of the first Amendment (Freedom of Speech) by a riot worker Agent 007

Hello everyone, If you are in the same situation like mine, being permanently banned because you defended yourself during a game against bullies, you are in the right discussion place. So, I was playing ranked this morning as always during my day off. When I started my 3rd game my team started to bulling me and threaten me to be reported. After the game, I received a message for the first time that I was Permanently Banned. When I submitted a request to RIOT support, the administrator Agent 007 did not carefully checked my log and he just told me that there is nothing to do if you said a bad word, even if it was a reply to the bullies. So, we are in the United States of America, how could a gaming company violate our fundamental right of speech ? Moreover, I did apologies for my bad behavior, but Agent 007 did not even considered that, he treated me as the same level as a Bully. He hurt my feelings so bad!!! How an administrator cannot show sympathy or mercy ?? To be honest, I feel much better replying to those bullies than not doing anything. I don't want Riot makes me a wimp. I will always stand up for my rights. This is what I have learnt in America. So, the Agent 007 thanks again for making me feel bad, you just made the situation even worst.
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