Should i have really been permabanned?

So i just remembered i had and old account in which i played for like 6 years before it got permabanned and decided to check out why i had been permabanned because i didnt really remmember and now that i look at it yes its toxic and i shouldve been banned but i dont think that its permaban level of toxicity. By no means do i say that i should be unbanned. What do you guys think?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Game 1 In-Game Diego03: same Diego03: no gl to the enemy team tho Diego03: just hf Diego03: yes ik Diego03: best joke Diego03: (not rly a joke) Diego03: why suddenly everybody plays varus and lulu Diego03: who Diego03: hehe Diego03: nice Diego03: worth Diego03: 2 for 1 Diego03: to be fair this is my first time with kogs from a year Diego03: that was shite Diego03: that varus ulti is bullshit Diego03: 2 Diego03: no Diego03: so? Diego03: im kog Diego03: i cant run from an assasin Diego03: no point running Diego03: he would ult me anyway Diego03: even if i run Diego03: 5 at bot Diego03: ok Diego03: im silver 2 u r%%%%% Diego03: what rank are u sion? Diego03: good for you Diego03: now shut up and play Diego03: i didnt flame u did i? Diego03: nic Diego03: shut up Diego03: mute Diego03: muted Diego03: i dont troll Diego03: i can report u for flaming Diego03: nope Diego03: u will get 7 days Diego03: like i did when i flamed kids like you Diego03: can u shut up for gods sake Diego03: ur like talking to urself Diego03: maybe if our tank jumped Diego03: first Diego03: and not our adc Diego03: u should go first Diego03: where are u r%%%%% now? Diego03: how about a 1v1 after the game Diego03: i play my main u do too Diego03: says the diana with mejai Diego03: ur 12/8 why would u buy a mejai Diego03: because i main urgot not kog maw Diego03: and i can wreck ur ass with urgot Diego03: i got autofilled adc Diego03: a person like u wouldnt give his lane Diego03: def the nexus Diego03: sion Diego03: 1v1? Diego03: come Post-Game Diego03: come sion
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