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I realize I died a whole bunch, but I wasn't intentionally feeding. I was just playing a norm game with my bf and when the game loaded my resolution wasn't right and it was cutting off the bottom of the screen (I couldn't see my skill bar, chatbox, or mini map. (We fixed it afterwards, turned out to be a TV setting). I tried to do the best that I could as Riven, but once you fall behind it is hard to catch up. My bf even told everyone in game it was a resolution issue and even died while afk under the turret trying to fix it (he was playing as Lux). I feel like I would have been better off leaving the game once I fell so far behind as I most likely wouldn't have been banned or would have been banned for a shorter duration. Is that the lesson Riot is trying to teach? I feel pretty bad about this because I never say anything mean in chat I just try to do a good job playing. I used to play ranked (climbed from bronze to silver last season) but the people in game would get so mad when we lost that I started to only play norms as I just like having fun playing with my bf. My best friend just ordered a laptop and the three of us were hoping to all play together when it comes in the mail, and now I got a 14 day ban :( If you look at last few minutes of the game Ziggs wasn't even fighting anymore even though the rest of us tried until the end. Why doesn't he get a ban for giving up while I get a ban for trying? Perhaps the auto ban system shouldn't apply to feeding cases since sometimes players report feeding on someone who is having a bad game.
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