What Kind Of Reason Is This

Game 1 Pre-Game TheeHeckler: can someone secure akali for me? TheeHeckler: wait nvm TheeHeckler: I dont have any of ur characters lol TheeHeckler: is fine now xd In-Game TheeHeckler: wait am I tripping or did I just see nasus mid TheeHeckler: thanks TheeHeckler: all TheeHeckler: except ivern TheeHeckler: ivern kewl TheeHeckler: can yall actually ping when enemies are gone smh TheeHeckler: dont need to rn TheeHeckler: get gud TheeHeckler: nerd TheeHeckler: yeah and? TheeHeckler: and??? TheeHeckler: u have 2x the people in ur lane TheeHeckler: 2x the kills TheeHeckler: use ur brain 4head TheeHeckler: how come 2/3 of my deaths are 3v1s TheeHeckler: hey lokk TheeHeckler: no enemies TheeHeckler: lol grammar nazi much? TheeHeckler: ehead TheeHeckler: only 2 have come TheeHeckler: jg and top TheeHeckler: 4 of urs has come TheeHeckler: smh TheeHeckler: ^ TheeHeckler: takes one to know one TheeHeckler: nerd TheeHeckler: Thats nice TheeHeckler: oh look no pings bot TheeHeckler: how cute TheeHeckler: what do wards have to do with pinging btw TheeHeckler: just a quick question TheeHeckler: And If I place wards that&#039;ll fix your problem with pinging? TheeHeckler: Is that what you&#039;re trying to say TheeHeckler: 5foot TheeHeckler: Nice TheeHeckler: Bye TheeHeckler: :) TheeHeckler: Have fun talking with your boyfriend TheeHeckler: ^ TheeHeckler: Thats the point TheeHeckler: Whole team got mad at me cause they wont ping so they made an excuse and roasted me bout my vision score TheeHeckler: jesus I wish Riot actually looked at reports TheeHeckler: Ganked by 2 people lmao TheeHeckler: How would you like it if 2 people came outta no where without any warning TheeHeckler: Not ward, ping smh TheeHeckler: They all muted me TheeHeckler: Pussies TheeHeckler: Yasuo gets my honor for understanding and not being a douche about it TheeHeckler: Lmao toxic? TheeHeckler: sure Post-Game TheeHeckler: The most toxic thing I said was &quot;Pussy&quot; TheeHeckler: funny I got banned for saying &quot;Pussy&quot;. Please mind my language, but what the fuck is wrong with your support bot Riot. I can assure you Riot, my other 2 teammates were toxic asf and did they get chat banned? Nope! Great Job Riot. Please Review their names and look over their next few games please. Toxic players: <removed by moderation> And also, please look over your bot because I would hate it if some others got banned for calling someone a &quot;pussy&quot;. I&#039;m also very displeased with my honor resetting because of one word. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} (Repost from like 5 mins ago because I had to fix something)
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