An Idea that would save League

Almost everybody has been banned, or knows someone who has been banned. If you make a smurf, most other smurfs were banned for toxicity. Very quickly I realized, most of them weren't even toxic. Toxicity ruins League, don't get me wrong. However, the first punishment shouldn't be perma ban. It should be a suspension for maybe a month. It should also say what triggered it, and what game(s) it was in. If they do it again, they would get a longer punishment (kind of like leaven busters). In the replay thing (what you can use to clip) there should be a setting that would allow you to see the team chat. People can clip that then send it to riot for a possible un ban if it was just an error in the system because we all know no amount of code is perfect. This would prevent people from being toxic, and keep people playing. Idk about you, but if I were perma banned because of a glitch or one bad game, I would quit league. Also, previously banned players should be given the chance to prove themselves. Perma banning someone for one bad game is like giving someone the death penalty for robbing a car. It should be used rarely and only in extreme times. Suspension should become a new way of punishment -Best of luck TheAppleTree25 NA servers
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