VOTE!!! Account Penalties (Chat Bans, Honor Level Resets) Need to Consider Context

I played a game with a Morgana who decided it would be funny to intentionally feed. This Morgana reported me and I recieved a chat ban AND honor level reset (I had finally reached honor level 1 after 3 months and lost it because of this absurd situation). Each of my comments were made in response to very vulgar insults made by this Morgana to the myself or the rest of the team: Me: This morg feeding hard [All]Me: reprot morg for feeding please Me: ur literally diving straight into them Me: i'm 8, 2, and 2 Me: ur just paying awful Me: and intentionally feeding Me: reproted btw Me: intentionall feeding is a no go in league Me: lol k Me: they check reports Me: i've done nothing reportable Me: what a toxic player Me: why r u even on the game? [All]Me: end please [All]Me: this morg feeding to make sure u win [All]Me: no idea why Me: whatever u say bud Riot needs to stop penalizing players for slightly negative remarks made toward players who are sabotaging the game. Not only is this a reasonable response to such action, but it also the most quick and practical: players don't have time to pause mid-game and write out a polite, thoughtful message to the troller asking them to stop ruining the game. Penalizing players for doing the only thing they can do to try to convince a player to stop intentionally feeding essentially ensures that any player can get away with this and there's nothing his teammates can try to say to him without getting punished (unless they pause mid-game, making the odds of winning even less, and write out an unecessarily polite request asking the troll to stop). It's honestly ridiculous that such a policy against the victims of trolling even exists. But this specific scenario demonstrates an even larger issue with the report system. Riot doesn't take context into account whatsoever when issuing chat bans and honor level resets. It's solely based on whether YOU made enough negative elements to warrant a ban, even if those negative comments were made toward someone acting outrageously inappropriate. PLEASE UPVOTE this comment if you believe riot should change it's account penalty policies to take context into account as opposed to being based on arbitrary definitions of "negative behavior." It's time Riot starts acting rationally and stops treating trolls, and the league community in general, like children whose feelings needs to be protected from any criticism even when we do something toxic that ruins the game for our entire team.
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