Thanks Riot for wasting my time, my money, and my efforts!! You truly are crooks!!

So after years of playing this game when I was younger I'll admit I was toxic.. so I understand my accounts being banned but as a grown adult really? I've had my same account for over 4 years actually even named it Spare Im Banned because it originally was a spare.. but I am only writing this post so hopefully riot sees me saying thank you. THANK you for taking my money for skins and champions disregarding the fact i spent currency on the game and banning my level 50 account.. Least now I can grow up.. You guys make no sense once so ever.. And the reason I was banned I wasn't even toxic.. but okay.. Playing one for all.. teammate picks mals.. all I said was I hated whoever picked mals.. SAID NOTHING TOXIC TO ANYONE BESIDES THE ILLAOI BEING TOXIC TO ME so.. k.. Wish there was a way to refund my money but you guys don't care you already received it so fuck your community right?
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