I was chat restricted after calling out my ADC for intentionally afk farming jungle so we would lose

Okay so I dont know how to grab the chat logs, so I cant really prove anything I am about to say, but I will still rant anyway, because im sure this has happened to many players. It goes like this. Our top lane is feeding, and mid is having a hard time looking at the minimap, typical silver shit you know? whatever. Our botlane is going okay, we arent ahead but were not behind either. Eventually, we have a good engage and ashe decided to hug tower and leave me to die because i had low mana in her opinion. Then immediately after, just decides to B, then walk half way to lane, and afk while typing about how everyone is bad but her, and she is going to intentionally make sure we lose by afk farming the jungle. Now, obviously I protest and she tells me to "move on" and that im a psychopath for caring, typical troll. The enemy team is also making trolly remarks. The enemy shen says "so report thresh for toxicity then?" because im all-chatting my frustration that this ashe has chosen to waste 20 minutes of my life. To which the enemy blitz also begins to troll me in all chat and yadda yadda. I decide to keep my mouth shut after making a few jokes with blitz because talking is just making me more mad, and the game is over at this point anyway. I report the ashe obviously, and i report the shen because hes just being a fuck head. And now i go into my next game with a 24 day chat restriction, because i was mad at ashe. Why am I always punished for defending myself? Shit like this is why we need tribunal back. I also got two honors that game as well, so why am I even being punished? I just dont understand how people like that are allowed to do this, and Im the one who ends up being put in the shit box. yes, I have a bad honor past, but I also have a good one. As of current, I dont really chat unless its calling out jungle paths and asking for people to buy pinks. Shit like this makes me even wonder why we can chat. There is no other game that i have played that does this. Not in CS:GO, not in BDO, even SC2. Why am I denied my right to express myself to someone being a general fuckhead. I love this game. Ive been playing for 9 years. But shit like this makes me want to play it less and less. PS, After seeing the chatlog: Yeah, I call her garbo. So toxic {{champion:17}} I think anyone would in this situation Here is the chat log: Pre-Game Warpstar: ashe are you going heal? In-Game Warpstar: afk at her turret Warpstar: i died because of u Warpstar: apparently Warpstar: youre at an exp disadvantage Warpstar: its a really bad idea to b there Warpstar: I HAD MANA FOR ANYTHING Warpstar: ez kills Warpstar: i had mana for 2 abilities Warpstar: your garbo Warpstar: you abandoned me for no reason Warpstar: full hp Warpstar: we see them top Warpstar: ashe is trolling please report (at this point its clear ashe has no intention of playing. My team mates also request a report) Warpstar: dont play league Warpstar: report ashe please Warpstar: what a scumbag Warpstar: wp blitz, too bad my ashe is farming jungle Warpstar: and refusing to play Warpstar: go next Warpstar: this shit adc thinks shes all that Warpstar: bro your garbage regardless, why refuse to play an undecided game Warpstar: you gave up at 5 minutes Warpstar: lol Warpstar: yikes Warpstar: this aint my life ashe, but what you are doing is wasting my time Warpstar: i dont que a game for a person to throw 5 minutes in and then force me to play until its over Warpstar: like i could spend time doing anything else Warpstar: but i have to play this garbage because i dont want to get banned Warpstar: yeah so triggered Warpstar: rape is good for you ( This line was typed jokingly to a blitz who said "Triggered Rap eing is bad" ) Warpstar: if i knew ashe was gonna waste 20 minutes of my life id just que dodge and do something worth my time Warpstar: thankyou for subjecting me to 20+ minutes of doing nothing just so i can keep my account
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