Forcing a team to Dodge should be bannable.

**TL;TR** - Someone held my team hostage cuz they got auto filled and threatened to throw if someone didn't dodge, so I took one for the team and dodged, but this man will never be punished for this and it's unfair. Just had someone get auto filled into Jungle, obviously Mr. Bronze (His name in this rant) didn't like that, so Mr. Bronze banned our top lane's pick after nobody wanted to switch because we actually got the roles we wanted. Our top didn't dodge and picked a different champion (Commendable) so Mr. Bronze hovered Soraka and said "ok then" and "enjoy losing lp". Again nobody dodges but our ADC started pleading with Mr. Bronze, "Please don't troll this is my promo I can't dodge", again, pretty Commendable to attempt to stop a Troll. Mr. Bronze responded with a pretty strong "Fuck u" then locked in lux (because the enemy team picked soraka) and then Mr. Bronze said "duo top with mundo, lets do thissss" (Friendly reminder, they're Jungle). After a few disappointment messages from the ADC and Top who are both preparing to spend the next 15-25 minutes with a troll who's sole motive is to ruin our game and lessen our LP because the system auto-filled him to jungle. about 15 seconds from the game started I decided to take one for the team and save these 3 people the time and LP (and sadly giving Mr. Bronze exactly what he wants), I dodged the game, lost some LP for myself and earned a nice 5 minute dodge timer. I'm sure this isn't the first (or last) time Mr. Bronze has done something like this and thanks to the current report system, he'll never be punished for it. pls fix rito. (Quick edit - I know champ picks are not evidence of trolling or griefing, but throwing in "duo top lane" and "enjoy losing lp" 100% ARE evidence of trolling and griefing.) **Day Later Edit - Thanks for all support friends, glad to know I'm not the only one who dislikes this type of behavior. And to the people who say I should have played out the game to report him, guess I'm too nice to let someone in promos _potentially_ lose their promo because of some douche, regardless if it would get him punished or not. **
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