How does the punishment system work?

I am just curious on how the player punishment system determines if a player is worthy of either a chat restriction or a ban. I do understand it is based off of behavior like feeding and in chat toxicity but I will admit that I have found myself to occasionally flame. Now I have had teammates that rage more than I do on a usual basis but I am human and I make the mistake to occasionally pick fights in chat when I should just stay calm and my overall question would be why have I not been punished? I am not saying I want to be far from it and I generally consider myself a player that attempts to avoid flaming others and look to praise them as much as possible but I know I have to of been reported for toxic behavior in recent years and never once has the bot even warned me, is it based off of reports to honors comparisons? Does the fact that I honor a lot of players add to build up that I am not generally a shitty person? I am just curious for more info on how the system tracks a person and if you can actively see how close you are to being considered for chat restriction or bans. Also would like to note that back when I was a much more arrogant an moronic youth I would flame a lot and actually got temp banned twice for toxicity back in like season 3 and have never had that happen since(I have tried to avoid typing in chat other than gj and gg), so I would like to think that I am proof that players can change their attitudes if they try.
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