After 8 years why are there still a fair amount of trolls in this game?

I want to personally hear from Riot on how a summoner named <removed by moderation> gets to keep his account. In our game we was intentionally feeding and trolling. You can look it up, my summoner name is notan03. I want to hear what is being done to stop this. In his match history this is not the first time he has done this which tells me Riot doesn&#039;t care about those of us who have to deal with people like him. It&#039;s people like him that cause me to take 6-8 month breaks from League. I take ranked seriously. I can handle losses. I can not handle losing free LP because of people who afk from game or intentionally feed because it is funny to watch others get angry. I want to hear solutions from you on how to get rid of these trolls. I&#039;ve played this game for years and the fact that it is still prevalent all these years later is disturbing to me. I used to actually put money into this game buying skins and such. Haven&#039;t in I don&#039;t know how long. My philosophy is if you don&#039;t care about us the players, we don&#039;t care about you and supporting your game with money. 8 years and this is still a breeding ground for trolls. Unreal. I honestly don&#039;t understand how you still have a player base. And I&#039;m sure I will get the usual people stating &quot;it happens to everyone so shut up&quot; posts. My question is why does it have to happen to everyone? lol End of rant.
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