someone lied and said i told him to kill himself, when i didnt.

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so I have played league for 6 years and went through a rough time in my life recently(one year ago) and got my main account banned ( for saying stfu morons ) my most recent account just got banned after someone in the post game lobby told everyone i said to kill himself.... which i didnt. riot supp has not said anything about this to me in 24 hours. I called him a pathetic person and swore so i guess technicaly i deserve this.... however he was incrediable rude to me(without swearing) in the pre game lobby when it came to someone wanting to switch roles and he agreed faster than me. and also proceded to go 1/9 that game as master yi and was seriously inting the game away.... not listing to pings and all around greifing the game. riot has not gone back and watched this like they should if I am saying this person inted. I wish I had more to say but i realize my account is perma banned and exasperating myself on this boards is not going to change anything for me or others as it is clear riot is set in their ways. people complain all the time about being permad and im supposed to belive only .0006% of accounts get banned? geez. why does riot care about potty mouths more than in game greifing? there is a mute button....
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