The BEST feeling ever

Hey guys, I want to tell you about something that happend recently. For some people the best feeling ever is to hit challenger or get penta kill etc.. But honestly for me it was something else. Few days ago i wanted to learn how to play jungle. So i picked Vi and in the lobby ( before the game starts ) i said Hey guys im new to jungle and Vi so dont expect me to do super good. My botlane was super chill about it , top too , but mid start flaming me from the select screen lol. Told me to dodge etc. I was like dude chill i just want to practice , if you really want to dodge go ahead. During the game i got invaded by enemy jungler a lot and enemy support. I got bullied a lot by them in my jungle and since im new to jungle i didnt know how to handle it. I went 1/3 and my mid was super upset telling me if i die one more time he will make sure my account to be perma banned and he kept flaming me so i muted him and keep playing. After the game he was spaming to 9x report me for inting, and people like me shouldnt play the game at all. my score was 2/5 and his 0/4 saying he could do better if he had jungler etc.... I reported him for Offensive Language. ANDDDDD you guys wont believe this. Yesterday i saw a post from him on the forums saying that the inters are not punished but people that are calling them out are punished and blaming the punishment system ( he recieved 14 days ban ) I laughed so hard and i felt so great when i saw that :) I just wanted to share this little story with you guys. Hope you all have a good day :3
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