Brother's accound banned but i want to get him back into the game. can i get him unbanned?

So either 2 or 3 years ago my brother, me and 3 of my friends played a 5 man game of arurf, he got draven and so during the game he channeled his inner T1 and cussed us out both in game chat and in discord, we were cool with it because thats just how we are with that particular group of friends, but after the game my brother got kicked from the client and when he relaunched league he got hit with the chat logs and a perma ban. He had never had any prior warning and during the game the only thing he said in all chat was ggez (as far as i know) long story short i have tried several times to get him unbanned (because he quite frankly does not care) and i always get responses like "if nobody reported him he would not have been banned". he said some pretty nasty stuff and under normal circumstances i would understand the ban... idk should i push to get him unbanned again? does anyone else have a similar story to this one?
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