Banned for exploits and 3rd party software use??

I've been playing this game for 4 years now (since the release of Quinn) and I constantly try to abide by the rules. I was banned just minutes before the end of last season and now come to realize that it was a permanent suspension... I'm being accused of exploiting the game via scripts and whatnot, but I've NEVER used any of those things on my account. I've only ever used Skype and Curse Voice. I don't know how to use a script or where to even find such things. I've been trying to speak to Player Support, since November, to find out what it was that I'm being a accused of, but they won't tell me because it'll compromise security... Meanwhile, I'm still left in the dark as to what I did or what evidence they have. I've invested well over $500 on this account in champs and skins, not to mention all of the time I've put into the game. This game and account is a part of me and I care deeply for it. This is the only severe disciplinary action I've ever received on this account. I even got the summoner icon for good behavior... I just want my account back... I want to know why I'm not being told what I did wrong. A warning that something my have compromised my account could've given me a chance to have my laptop checked out to see if there were any bugs in my system that could've come off as a "script" or change my password... I've been having security issues with my google account as well and I just don't want to lose this... Please RIOT... I haven't done anything wrong...

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