Was I wrongfully chat banned? (Chat logs inside)

I'll provide my chat logs below with context, because I feel that the automated system must have taken it out of context. I was Lucian with support Morgana, and the two main people I clashed with this game were jg Gragas and mid Vel koz. Game 1 In-Game Regality: teH pAst iS JuSt A GhOsT Regality: wp Regality: lul (at this point, I get a pick on the enemy cait and morg arrives and we kill leona together. Gragas and Vel go off and die, and Gragas flames both of us, calling us blind) Regality: uh Regality: we fighting leo Regality: ?? Regality: i killed cait Regality: then morg and i killed leo Regality: u guys went off and died Regality: not my probelem Regality: why would i want to stay with u Regality: u fucking suck mat (to be fair I was a bit belligerent here with the "u fkin suck", but i was ticked off that Gragas had just flamed me and wanted me to stick by him even though there was a clear reason that I was bot during this time) Regality: hahahah Regality: report gragas flame lmao Regality: 'i hope your mum is dead you son of a bitch' -gragas 2k18 (Yes, among other things, he actually said this. He proceeded to go afk, though later we found out it was just a dc) Regality: this bs snare Regality: report gragas afk Regality: and flame Regality: lmao (at this point vel koz gets really angry at me for not being grouped up, I think I was splitpushing bot lane, and he calls me an idiot. After I tell him I don't care, he asks me if I am stupid and rertarded. My reply was childish, but not entirely unwarranted.) Regality: idc what u say Regality: ? Regality: are u a feeder Regality: wait yes Regality: gragas reported :^) Regality: sure bud go ahead (vel flames morg for "always stealing kills", and I jump to her defence and tell him to shut up because she's the only other player playing well and I feel the flame is undeserved) Regality: stfu vel Regality: nah bud Regality: lmfao (This next part was aimed at the enemy team after they 5 man ganked me splitpushing and allowed the rest of my team to power through mid and take the inhib and ultimately the nexus - bit of silly banter) Regality: gg noobs Regality: bye bye inhib Regality: why are u so bad Regality: ikr This is my first time being chat banned, ever, and I've seen so much worse than this that's gone unpunished. Earlier this season, I got a temp ban for hate speech, which was entirely justified after some offensive jokes in poor taste, and I've been trying to improve my behaviour since and raise my honour level back to level 2. I feel that the chat ban and the honour reset aren't really warranted by this one bad game of minor belligerence, most of which is actually just me REPLYING to toxic people. I know now to just mute and play, but I want to hear other thoughts on whether the chat ban was justified and whether I might be able to appeal it.

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