An explanation for honor level 0 to honor level 2.

This discussion is directed to players that have been banned In the past and wondered why they haven't leveled from honor lvl 0 to lvl 2. I've came in contact with a Rioter recently and the Rioter told me that any sort of negativity will stop your progress. So basically what this means is, if you type something negative, because of that sentence, your progress will reset. For ex: "you retarded jungle come gank my lane idiot". That may not be enough for the system to give you a permaban but, it will slow or reset your journey to being honor lvl 2. They want you to be as honorable as you can be. The Rioter also asked me, "what is the point of being honorable if you have dishonorable games?" Which makes sense why any negativity would slow/reset the progress. The tip the Rioter gave me was to "stay calm and collected at all times". I'll try to post the image of the chat. Comp isn't cooperating with me...
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