I was immediately banned right after the game, Take a close look at the game, i went to top to help Camile, i was so strong and i just ganked mid successfully, she pinged me back for some reason, so i backed, then she went in herself and got herself killed, after that, she said, quote: "come top again, i afk" Basically, she killed herself, blamed me for it, YES, I GOT ANGRY, I'M A HUMAN BEING WITH EMOTIONS AND Im MASTER hes DIAMOND 5, so I responded "NEVER GANK FOR LOSERS ", Quite reasonable? Isn't it?, She started it first, Then few mins later, Swain was basically a free kill, so i went top, then i remembered this guy would go afk if i go top, so i stopped, and i typed "CANT HELP THIS TOP" because he was losing badly, Reasonable? OFC it is, Ask anyone, The 3rd Time, She was dead, Top tower was free, So i tried to get us a tower, After all, This game is all about getting objectives done, right? i went there, she started to flame, IM TRYING TO WIN THE FKING GAME, AND SHES BLAMING ME FOR DOING SO. check her chat, she typed: "gg we lose" Everyone of us was winning except him, THE GAME WAS SO FREE, So I said "STFU GARBAGE, GET THE DAMN TOWER", What else can i say? If shes just bad, i can ignore it, But she was BAD AND TOXIC, the guy cant be reasoned with, it seemed like my only choice to say ATM, SHE WAS VERY OBVIOUSLY TROLLING , SHE WANTED US TO LOSE FOR NO REASON, I DONT EVEN KNOW THE GUY, Yes i called him GARBAGE, after what he did he %100 deserved it, HE THINKS HES IMPORTANT because hes having a bad day, so if he wants us to lose, we have to lose, NO, why would anyone gives a FUCK if hes having a bad time today, WOULD YOU GIVE A FUCK IF HE THINKS HE'S THE KING OF APES? We almost won a 4v5 before the enemy gets the 2nd infernal, SO i said "THIS PIECE OF SHIT CAMILE THINKS SHES IMPORTANT, WELL SHES NOT" RIGHT AFTER she inted mid, SHE LITERALLY INTED, INTING IS MUCH WORSE RIGHT? ARE YOU NOT ALLOWED TO FLAME "NOT IMPORTANT PIECE OF SHIT "TO SOMEONE WHOS INTING? There is clearly something wrong with the guy, EVERYTHING I SAID IN THE GAME WAS JUSTICE, AND VERY IF NOT SUPER REASONABLE, Riot please, TAKE A DEEP DEEP LOOK AT THIS GAME, CAMILE FLAMED/PING-SPAMMED ME FIRST, IT WAS SO RANDOM AND BEYOND TOXIC, I SIMPLY FOUGHT BACK LIKE A REAL RIGHTEOUS MAN, PLEASE RECOVER MY HONOR LEVEL, IM A VERY HONORABLE MAN, BUT WHOEVER JUST BANNED ME? ISN'T. Also sorry for the caps, However, it is understandable given the circumstance , WOULD YOU NOT BE MAD IF A JUDGE RANDOMLY SENTENCE YOU TO JAIL FOR A CRIME YOU DID NOT COMMIT? AND WOULD YOU NOT BE MAD IF SOMEONE JUST HIT YOU RANDOMLY AND YOU FOUGHT BACK AND BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA HIM BUT KNOWING THE INJUSTICE JUDGES ARE GOING TO SENTENCE YOU TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE BECAUSE YOU WERE BEATING AN ABSOLUTELY ANIMAL WHO ATTACKED U FIRST? thanks for understanding, if you can understand.
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