10 day chat restriction for 1 game. Deserved? Tips?

Hey there all. I'm a little pissed about this because I've never had a restriction before. Maybe it's deserved, maybe I should've gotten some sort of "warning" first, maybe it was too harsh of a punishment. i dont know. **I like to get more opinions on this matter.** This game where i was talking too much or "asking for reports" was toxic in many ways of course. (standard soloQ experience) I guess i should've just ignored the flamers and not get baited into flaming aswell. But i got chat restricted for just this one game (I guess almost everyone reported me). They only showed me the logs of this one game to chat restrict me. So it feels a little unfair to get my 'clean slate' ruined for 1 unlucky game.... Questions: Deserved? What put me 'over the edge' to get restricted? What did I learn: don't get baited into flaming. The mute button's existence. Chat log: https://imgur.com/71BPdC8 (the first line was in response to enemy mid laner karthus saying "please spare my old self" or something **Context if you're interested:** I (Shyvana) made a bad play in bot lane (Varus). So he was like "trash jungler" and i was explaining my mistake. all good i kept my cool there. I was getting behind and decided to power farm a little and come back bot to try to correct my mistake. we eventually got a 2 for 2 which is not optimal since enemy draven got 2 of the kills. But bot lane then decides to flame my "focus on the draven" and starting to blame me for everything. I always get a little angry when people get toxic at me, I only flame when someone flames on me personally. **I do like to flame toxic people back. might've been the issue** After the early game, varus just continues to pester me and be like "trash jungle" "jungle differene etc." making me more tilted (i should've muted, yeah, but i thought maybe he could get chill after a while... maybe i'm too naive?) during the whole mid game. enemy jungle and midlaner we're trashtalking us all in allchat. "the game is over etc." Later in the game Varus decided to troll and "play a minion" running it down a lane and dying to rengar over and over. literally inting in my book. Thank ya'll for reading!
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