FUMING over a 14 day ban from "intentionally feeding" fo going 1/7 one game due to connection issues

I was suspended for connection issues by someone who was griefing and sent in a manual ticket. I was having lag issues so it was difficult to play. I get suspended for "intentionally feeding" in a game where I only went 1/7, never once ran into enemy or run it under tower, was not trolling building, was active and trying all game, and didn't make purposely stupid plays, and I also never even talked and was not toxic. If I am going to get suspended then anyone for having a bad game or connection issues then vast majority of the playerbase would banned. Just because someone manually reports me shouldn't mean that I get punished for something that would never ever be detected or treated as intentionally feeding or griefing but gets special treatment because someone submitted a ticket. The truth is it is extremely subjective and I could probably have the same ticket submitted about me to dozens of support agents who would not view it as intentionally feeding or griefing, but whoever received the ticket evidently did so I get unfairly punished. This is why there is an automatic system in place, so people don't get unfairly punished over subjective and hasty review of a game when my score and gameplay is something very common that literally happens to at least one person like every game or every other game. But manual tickets are just a "nah, screw this guy in particular, we're overstepping the procedure to go ahead and ban him because someone complained too much." Can anyone please tell me in exact, specific, objective terms why am I banned for this game or this punishment should be reversed and my account conpensated. This is just ridiculous. If people start finding out they can just submit tickets on anyone they don't like, be it a streamer, someone who beat them too hard, someone who lost them promos, or just randoms and get them banned for any minor first time offense, then this will become extremely abusable and support will be flooded with tickets. Nearly everyone who plays ranked on a regular basis has at least one game where they performed poorly, made a bad decision, had connection issues, and even "opening mid" is a very common practice that I say in major streamers games all the time. etc. But apparently you can just get an instant 14 day suspension on any of these (with next being perma) simply by submitting a ticket because support staff apparently sides with the feelings of the person submitting the ticket and finds them more important than fair and objective review (which is why tribunal is no longer existing and an AUTOMATIC, OBJECTIVE system does it now)
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