Im new and recieved a ban for "Intentional Feeding"

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I am new and received a ban for intentionally feeding. this is bogus. I didn't feed intentionally and all my teammates besides V3LV did nothing but talk shit about me being a smurf and feeding. I AM NEW, god forbid I play bad, being NEW TO THE GAME AND ALL! I have a gme in my history where I actually did feed because me and V3LV were the only ones playing on my team, so we gave them the easy win to end. Y didn't I get banned from that? because no one reported me, do you guys just an everyone who ever gets reported? I have to say, I have played Smite for years and never once experienced some bulgruff like this. do your jobs and help the new people learn the damn game before you ban them on a game they went 2/5. I bet ALLISTAR didn't get banned, and he did worse than me. UNBAN me now or it will forever be known you guys just ban people without properly looking into what had happened. and if you need to ban someone, ban wonkyNL for abusive language and grieffing. THANK YOU
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