Tyler1 Is NOT Reformed

Change my mind. I am currently watching Tyler1 on live stream flame his team as he grinds out his last day of the season. He's blaming his Gragas jungle, for picking Gragas...because he has a 29% w/r on the champion. He keeps asking why he played Gragas, but Gragas has at points been one of the most consistent junglers in the game...his kit is that safe. Tyler1 legitimately flashed in place, around 10-12 minutes into this game, said to open mid, all the negative things in chat. Why is Tyler allowed to play? Why is Riot protecting him? He is clearly still toxic, and he's so famous that most people tune into his stream already. I don't care at all if he is a personality, or fun to watch. I don't even personally think he's that toxic, but I've been banned for less and so have many other players. I don't even care if he types less in the chat box than what he used to. He has over 22,000 current viewers at 2AM Riot's time(5AM my time) and is setting the bar for all of his followers. Tyler1 should NOT be allowed to play this game, based on Riot's To and rulings/judgement. He is toxic, he isn't reformed, he should be subject to the same rules as anyone else. Change my mind. EDIT: He literally just said out loud "I'm wasting my time playing with r%%%%%s like this", that is easily worse than anything I've ever said. How is this acceptable? I was perma banned from defending an ally from being flamed...he's allowed to play, and he streams toxicity to a live audience of 25k. EDIT EDIT: Another argument to be made. Why is it any better for him to flame his team live to 40,000 viewers, than it is for him to flame the in game chat? There's only 9 people in his game, there's 40,000 people watching. This thread has gotten 2k views in less than a day, and only 23 down votes. Not a single person has argued against Tyler being toxic, because we all know he is. The fact that so many people are looking here, just goes to show why he is famous in the first place. Things that people tend to view as "negative", gain a lot of attention.
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