Why I'll be ending my time with League.

So, I want to preface this with the fact that I'm aware having a thicker skin can be a requirement with any online game. However, I've been a long time gamer and have seen both the best, and worst, that the gaming community has to offer. At this point however I can't really handle the abusive nature some people have in league. Yes, I can mute them. They can get reported and potentially banned, etc. That doesn't change the immediate impact it can have on my day and my general mood. After a hard day's work, coming home to enjoy a quick game or two of ARAM, which overall requires less optimal performance than Summoner's Rift, I can make mistakes or have a bad game, and be ok with that, or an excellent one and be thrilled. Sometimes rolls don't make for a good game, etc. Its random, just like life. The treatment I received today from several players was enough to put me off. I asked for positive feed back and attempted to follow a few of the directions i'd been given, but being met with comments like "You should have rerolled X character" or "Your gameplay hurts my eyes, it's made me blind" or even "You should just uninstall league". Less players is always a good thing right? I'd imagine gamers would want a bigger community, and to help it grow. I've seen other people treated this way as well, regardless of the game mode. I try not to offer too much direct input to other players, because some people don't like being told what to do or how to play. But I always try to encourage people, or have a good laugh, with team mates or the enemy. Anyways, thank you for the fun, and for hearing my feedback. I hope you as players can improve as a community, especially the ones this kind of negativity comes from in league.
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