Humiliated in my first ever ranked game

This is so fucking unfair. I just hit 30, and started playing my first ever ranked game. Guess what? I got reported. I became a fucking joke. Players telling me I am not enough even for bronze and should be in plastic I, telling me how bad I am, how I should do they tutorials and stuff. no matter what I say. Is it my fault that Riot put me in gold for MY FIRST EVER GAME? Im a nerd. Hours upon hours of research. Why this and why that. Trying my best to memorize the items. Searching for advanced stuff, watching videos, and my first ranked game ever ends in me literally becoming a JOKE and being humiliated no matter what I said. yes, this is a rent. Im super mad right now. I was so nice, said sorry a bazillion times, played as safe as I could, was super friendly and tried to not be toxic, even when they were. Riot, please. I dont know how this system works. If the MMR for ranked and normal is different, meaning that my MMR was not set prior to this game, you should fix that. No one should start in gold (Atleast thats what they said they were) Like its my fault that I wasnt placed in plastic, **yet.**
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