I think this suspension is unfair

Heres the context I called top first and this fizz who I thought was going to go mid goes to top to lane with me when I asked him to leave then after a good 5 min taking my cs he finally leaves which leaves me to lane with the most infuriating top laner now Vayne. Sure i got a little excited finally killing her saying "stupid vayne player" and you gotta understand people who play Vayne top need to be vanished to the fires of hell. Anyway the entire game my jg did not gank me once which should've been the counter to Vayne while their support kept camping me the entire game. OH and our Ezreal decided to AFK lvl 3 which is fun because my team refuses to FF even though we lost the bot lane and the JG is brain dead oh and then the best part is 3 people on the team decided to AFK at fountain wasting my GODDAMN TIME IN SENTIENT EXISTENCE. Game 1 Pre-Game kababtaleIL: top kababtaleIL: MAGA kababtaleIL: whoses our jg and adc kababtaleIL: ok you cover both adc and jg kababtaleIL: we believe in u kababtaleIL: Autolocked? kababtaleIL: dont listen to this hillary conspirator In-Game kababtaleIL: why are u top kababtaleIL: So lame kababtaleIL: gg kababtaleIL: ff 20 kababtaleIL: whew kababtaleIL: Stupid vayne player kababtaleIL: jg? kababtaleIL: jesus wtf is the bot lane? kababtaleIL: oh afk ez kababtaleIL: please say yes kababtaleIL: ok kababtaleIL: thanks for wasting my time kababtaleIL: well if our bot laner was here kababtaleIL: Still you're a pleb for picking vayne top kababtaleIL: pyke stop camping me bro kababtaleIL: im done kababtaleIL: its gg kababtaleIL: you've been to my lane 3 times kababtaleIL: TOTAL PLEb kababtaleIL: God if only we had a jg kababtaleIL: Defintely kababtaleIL: camile you do realize vayne is so easy to gank kababtaleIL: and you never ganked me once kababtaleIL: and this pyke has been to my lane 4 times kababtaleIL: whilst idk what you're doing kababtaleIL: next time do your job kababtaleIL: 3 afks kababtaleIL: good luck kababtaleIL: good job zed kababtaleIL: well we cant win kababtaleIL: because ez is afk and our jg is braindead kababtaleIL: just end lol kababtaleIL: well shes not being camped kababtaleIL: and being babysat in lane kababtaleIL: arent either? kababtaleIL: i think you mean you arent kababtaleIL: right pyke just coming in to save your butt 4 times in a row isnt camping kababtaleIL: ? kababtaleIL: then whyd i called you a name after killing you in a 1v1 kababtaleIL: rekt
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