The Witch-Hunt That is Riot's Reporting Sytem

Dear Riot, I am sad to say that Riot's report system is fundamentally flawed and is having a negative impact on player retention. It is unreasonable for players to continue to playing this game if they have to send an e-mail to Riot support every time a queue'd group brigade reports them unfairly. I just received a 25-game chat restriction because I was gang reported by a team that was angry that I was playing poorly on my 3rd game ever as Nunu in NORMALS. They started flaming me for it and reached out in ./all for the other team to report me. In cases where a player is restricted from ./all chat or has it turned off and therefore cannot provide a defense, this is a serious problem because the other team is essentially reporting them on hearsay evidence. Prosecution on hearsay evidence alone is the definition of a "witch-hunt." I am tired of losing honor/loot because people brigade report when someone is playing poorly. What makes it even worse is that Riot fails to punish these false reporters in anyway, thus encouraging further brigade reporting. If I cannot practice a champion in NORMALS, where else can I play? How am I supposed to practice for ranked? The irony is that my teammates were far more abusive toward me and yet none of them seem to have gotten a ban. This is because they ganged up on me because of my poor play and I was the only one to report back. The report system values quantity over quality. I understand it must be very difficult to create a good ban system but the current system is plainly unjust. Almost every legal justice system in the world recognizes that is it more just to let five guilty people walk free if that prevents the mistaken imprisonment of one innocent person than it is to allow the imprisonment of five innocent people in order to guarantee the imprisonment of one guilty person. Does Riot agree? If so, please adjust your reporting system accordingly. I have been a serious gamer for about 20 years and I truly love this game but I have never experienced such an oppressive, unjust, and trigger-happy ban system such as this one in my life. Regards, KublaKhan16
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