My 2 Week Ban

Hello anyone that clicks on this forum, thank you for your time. I got banned yesterday for 2 weeks, I have been banned before, yet this time, it is under a very different circumstance. I was playing a normal game on Riven, (“toxic riven player “ please give me a chance to explain) I was playing, and I did poorly in lane (it happens) and while I was playing, the enemy Udyr said, “kys malphite”. Here are my chat logs. Game 1 In-Game mayorofengland: reng mayorofengland: I have had a control ward mayorofengland: for 2 minutes mayorofengland: and I now lose my lane mayorofengland: fun mayorofengland: THERE IS A FUCKIN CONTROL WARD mayorofengland: YOU DON'T NEED ULT mayorofengland: whatever dude mayorofengland: this game is over for me mayorofengland: I think I am just going to ignore top mayorofengland: I'm going mid mayorofengland: you can deal with it mayorofengland: love it mayorofengland: fair and balance mayorofengland: 'd mayorofengland: aaannnnd banned mayorofengland: player stereotype? mayorofengland: you just told someone to kill themself mayorofengland: and not wanting you to say "kys" is toxic mayorofengland: my bad dude mayorofengland: ? mayorofengland: bro mayorofengland: I don't want you to say "kys" mayorofengland: wtf mayorofengland: maybe because of personal reasons? mayorofengland: wtf dude mayorofengland: why am I in the wrong here mayorofengland: why does it come back to that? mayorofengland: I don't care mayorofengland: don't say stuff like that mayorofengland: it's not cool mayorofengland: time to ff dude mayorofengland: this game is looking rough mayorofengland: jhin mayorofengland: I haven't said anything bad mayorofengland: to you mayorofengland: why are you like this mayorofengland: chill dude I do not know if I have done something to deserve this ban, please suggest any reasons why in the forum.
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