How is this player not banned?

So what happened is, me and a couple of friends were in a 3-man premade ranked flex champ select. I was going adc with a friend as support, but I accidentally locked in what I was hovering (Riven), but decided to play it out as it was a promo game and since my friend was chill with supporting a Riven. However, this seems to have really pissed off one of the randoms on our team and he started freaking out. He decides to pick Urgot with ignite and follow me and my friend down bot and leech xp and try to steal cs, and also straight up int the enemy Trist a couple of times. He then decides he&#039;s done with this game and disconnects and afk&#039;s in base. So we, including the other random (Diana top), are finally relieved, since he spent the entire time he was in-game telling us how we caused what he was doing right now and that people like us should get banned for not dodging in champ select. We proceeded to 4v5 and hold our ground, even getting a few surprise kills on them, but then the Urgot decided to reconnect and come back bot to harass us. This time he stopped typing but proceeded to troll till the end of the game. Now, I understand he might not have been too pleased with our comp, but such behaviour is straight up toxic. Obviously, we all x4 reported him and maybe the enemy team did as well. I just hope he at least gets banned before doing this again to some other poor fellows. Here are a couple of clips we have of him harassing us: <<REMOVED BY MODERATION>>
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