The systems running Player Behavior need work.

I just got done writing a semi-long ticket to Support, and wanted more input from the Boards on a lot of the circumstances revolving around player behavior. To give some context, I recently received a 10 game chat restriction. Obviously, not the end of the world -- the Honor drop is obviously an inconvenience, which by the way is another system that needs a lot of work as well, but it's not the major issue at hand. I feel like IFS instantly punishes players based on the infamous list of "trigger words" without actually accounting for the game state, a punished player's positive contributions, and the situations occurring throughout the course of a match of League of Legends. I was playing the entire match not only to win, but to also have fun and help other teammates to improve and better their gameplay, which is essentially what Honor is aiming for overall. The line which I believe is what brought about my punishment was a heated statement that occurred in response to a teammate griefing not only myself but the entire team, and I promptly corrected myself by muting that player to refocus on trying to win the game, which by the way was impossible once that player in question decided to take their griefing to the next level. Despite having the discipline to refocus my efforts towards helping my team win the game, I'm still punished not only in game but out of game. I could have actually lost my cool and spent the entire rest of the game flaming the griefer. My issue is that the positive players who genuinely want to better the game and those around them are getting punished by the griefers & trolls who knowingly exploit the Player Behavior systems without repercussion, and use that frustration to get other players punished whilst they continue to repeat their behavior in their future games and so on. In League of Legends, many cases of toxicity are brought about by other people's blatant and repeated toxicity. Obviously not all, but a decent amount of it. Clearly two wrongs don't make a right, but shouldn't the Player Behavior systems be suited to actually seize and disincentivize the first layer of toxicity to increase the likelihood that no toxicity will occur altogether? Perhaps I'm just ranting about the situation, but I hope you guys can at least see where I'm coming from when writing this. Let me know what you guys think. ~EDITx2~ just realized the bot which gave me that reply cut out the post-game part of the conversation. 1. 2. 3.
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